Assumption on the Control of Train Noise,Roadconstruction and the Commercial Development in New York Cities

Hongxing Zhu

I. Control of Train Noise

Cities with train transportation facility usually have one or more railways passing through them. Noise produced by trains brings about harmful effect on the residents living on both sides of the railway within a scope of at least hundreds meters far to the line. Almost every family within the scope has installed double-layers glass for windows to increase the sound-proof effect indoors. Noise from trains not only affects people’s work, study and normal life, but also make harms to people’s health. On the other hand, trains produce dusts, liquid wastes and waste gases, causing environmental pollution. Sometimes they even result in traffic accidents.

To solve New York Cities the above-mentioned problems, a good way is to design and construct a semi-circle and sound- proof shed with transparent plastic cement to take in the noise, dusts, liquid wastes and waste gases.


II. Stereoscopic Construction of Highway

In a city, the rate of total floor area of roads is very little. Therefore almost all the big and medium cites have the problem of traffic jam. To construct more ways is a way to solve the problem, but ways, if constructed on the ground, are bound to occupy a large area of the valuable homeland resource and government has to invest a lot.

Building roads above the railways in cities may greatly save land area and government investment if social fund is made use of. In this way, the presently-existing intense situation of city’s communication will be greatly relieved.


III. Commercial Comprehensive Development

Potentiality of social investment should be brought into full play to improve the communication conditions in cities. And the principle of the investors being the beneficiaries should be adopted. When noise control facility and the ways above railroads are built, shops or markets, recreation centers and even apartment buildings may also be set up along the ways at the same time.

Government should give support and guidance to the social investment and make clear the property right to ensure the interest of the inventors. The beneficial duration for investors may be 30 or 40 years or even longer. In a word, government and investors should make joint efforts to improve city’s environment ,communication and commerce.


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