Life is a Dish

Life is a Dish
by TreasureEveryMoment
Sometimes you have an idea of what to eat,
so you go and get the ingredients you need.
Sometimes you are presented with great ingredients,
but you have no idea how to fix or cook it. So you just wing it.
Your dish might be simple; you might like it just the way it is.
Any additional spice or garnish would ruin its character.
Your dish might be glamorous,
but you smell your neighbors’ barbecue chicken and envy their laughter.
Some dishes are the main course that dominates the center of a banquet.
Some dishes are the sides, silently satisfying everyone’s craving.
A good dish takes time, effort and passion.
It usually takes many experiments, failures and even tears.
A bad dish often occurs when you over or undercook,
or when you mix the wrong ingredients.
Life is a dish. You are a chef.
You have the power to turn a pile of offal into a delicacy.
Will you follow a recipe and season, marinate and cook your dish to perfection?
Will you discard all the rules and make your own unique masterpiece?
Life is a dish.
So what’s on your plate?

Note: A poem to myself and friends. Best wishes to everyone. Enjoy your dish! 

杭州阿立 (2018-02-21 00:58:00)


TreasureEveryMoment (2018-02-22 06:45:50)

Thank you so much. 

Amoy (2018-03-15 02:28:53)


TreasureEveryMoment (2018-03-15 21:15:14)

Life is delicious!

姜尼 (2018-04-07 21:47:33)

Beautiful Dish!

TreasureEveryMoment (2018-04-09 06:30:34)

Thank you so much!