The Three of Us


     最近,我的母亲把我写的 “我们仨” 译成了英文,感激之余,敬佩她虽已高龄,但思维仍旧敏捷,记忆力强。母亲没有网上帐户,我特地将译文贴在此,让她也能目睹自己在网上的文字。

原文: 我的“我们仨”

  An article titled "We Three" written by the famous woman writer Yang Jiang is about the life of her family members. In reality, there has also been a "We Three" deeply in my mind, including two generations of "We Three" which is the reminder of my most precious and sweetest family memory.

  From my childhood to adult, my parents and I were a typical “We Three”. In 1961, we moved from Beijing to northern Jiangsu province, in an unfamiliar environment and being complete strangers without any friends nor knowing about local language and customs. We three had to depend on each other for survival. The more difficulties we faced, the more deeply we became attached to each other, forming a kind of unbreakable relationship. During those years, there were not many families with only three members. Therefore, sometimes I could not help admiring others’ families which consisted of more brothers and sisters enjoying bustling family life. However, I recognized that my parents had devoted their whole love to me, their only daughter. I remember there was a time when living in the suburbs. Dad had to take a bike, with mom sitting at the back and me in the front to enter the city. How excited and joyful we three were then! I remember on severe cold winter evenings, we three sat around a small table close to the heating stove, preparing lessons or doing homework. I remember we three would go to the cinema, and have some snack on weekends despite busy work. I remember even more vividly about our anxious time when one of us fell ill or had trouble. In such case, we three would exert ourselves to care for each other. To our horror, the Cultural Revolution made people shiver and prevented people from doing normal work or making a living. Mom was the most optimistic one among us, who always brought us delight and hope. Dad, of course, was the most capable, often making something more perfect. As for me, there was a growing gratitude and relief together with them.

  Time has been fleeting fast, my husband, my son and I have become another “We Three” unconsciously. During the thirty years residing abroad, we three were closely related and mutually dependent, helping each other when we were in humble circumstances. We three would share our joy and sorrow together, trying to find out the why and wherefore with one heart and mind when constantly on the move.  I still remember in order to increase income, we three had to deliver newspaper, wherever long or short distance. My son and I would be in charge of delivering newspapers to the doors nearby, while my husband went to the farther places. I still remember that we three used to make bean curd, dumplings, steamed bread and cakes to settle our greedy desire. I still remember we had extensively travelled around Europe, gaining much unforgettable experience. I still remember, what more was, we moved time and again from one city to another city, from one country to another country, experiencing all hardships. However, at the very moment of difficulty, our home was a warm and mild harbor with pouring forth, appeasing, and hope. My husband acted like a captain we relied on, who was always perfectly calm with strong determination. My son was just like a sailor full of vim and vigor, bringing us hopes. As for me, needless to say I was like a small boat with a fairly warm room to welcome them.

  How happy and glorious memories the twin generations "We Three" are! I would recall and rejoice the unforgettable days we have experienced forever even if I became old.