ZT:The Right Response to Rape by Bob Maginn


Almost four decades ago, with Jimmy Carter running for President, I was a freshman in college at Michigan State University. I was part of a weekly campus ministry Bible study. Tragedy struck on New Year’s Eve of that year when another student in our Bible study was found raped and murdered in woods not far from campus. I can still see her face like the face of an angel. Her boyfriend who was also in our Bible study looked devastated.

The FBI called to interview me in my dorm room. They asked about her boyfriend. I assured the FBI that he was a Christian who met and prayed with us every week. A few months later this boyfriend was caught trying to rape and abduct another young woman. I felt duped and somewhat guilty that another woman might have been raped and murdered too by someone for whom I had given the FBI my assurance. An assurance based on his being in our Bible study and praying with us every week. I learned a lifelong lesson that year.

At that time decades ago we did not hear about sexual assault on campus very often. We assumed it was the rare and dramatic tragedy that our Bible study group had witnessed. But now we know this was not and is not the case. On November 19, 2014 I met and talked with former President Jimmy Carter who at the age of 90 came to Harvard University. He was there at the invitation of the Harvard Divinity School to give a major speech about Women, sexual assault and Violence, the subject of his latest book. With over 1000 people in Harvard’s Memorial Church, President Carter reported the now well-known statistics: one in five women suffer sexual assault on campus and one in ten is forcefully raped. Less well-known is the statistic that these assaults and rapes of women are committed by just 4% of the men. That is an average of 5 victims per perpetrator. The time to keep silent is over. But the cost to speak out is high.

In the Church, in the military, on the campus and in our society at large sexual assault has been with us a long time. What began as a trickle of news stories a few decades ago has now become a flood of stories growing by the day. Still the personal cost to speak out is high, but thankfully as more people venture forth others are encouraged to tell their stories too. Young women and young men, girls and boys are those most frequently attacked. We have learned hard lessons just as I did four decades ago. We must stop protecting the perpetrators to defend the reputations of our hallowed institutions especially the Church. Jesus Christ warned that many will come, saying Lord, Lord did I not do all these great things in your name and He will say depart from me you workers of iniquity. Jesus wants the truth because He is the truth.

The Catholic Church considered sexual abuse claims against about 3000 priests dating back 50 years but it was only after 2002 that media reports in Boston brought these horrible crimes to public light. Ten years before in 1991, the Tailhook scandal brought to public attention the problem of sexual assault in the military but it took new scandals in 1996 and 2003 in the military before serious action was taken. Even in 2012, of approximately 26,000 cases of sexual assault uncovered in a survey in the military only 3374 were reported. In 1992 President George Bush signed into law the Campus Sexual Assault Victims’ Bill of Rights but it took 20 years before colleges and universities were ready to confront the truth about widespread sexual assault on their campuses. Now even America’s favorite comedian is being accused by over a dozen women.

In the Church, in the military, on the campus and everywhere we turn we are now confronted by the truth: Sexual Assault is an iceberg of a problem. Often, the victims are blamed or silenced. The “powers that be” protect other interests at the expense of justice and mercy for those who have been attacked, often women and girls. Thankfully, these women and girls are now coming out in large numbers, in power and in truth to tell their stories. They seek to stop sexual assault before it claims yet another generation. And so it is that I find myself a husband of a wife who was raped while in graduate school two decades ago now forced to face this very question of public versus private disclosure.

For the last 3 years, my wife has followed the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 18:15-17. Here Jesus gave fair due process to follow regarding an accused party claiming to be a believer in Christ. She has told that horrible rape story in detail first privately to 4 pastors and to the now Christian man who raped her prior to his public conversion. But his continual denial finally forced her to do a polygraph test. The test provided clear proof of the veracity of her story as her test showed that she was absolutely telling the truth. A now prominent Chinese Christian pastor had committed the rape 24 years ago.

In the past 3 years, Ling had to face the cold and painful rejection that came from 3 of these Chinese pastors who advised her to remain publicly silent to protect the reputation of the prominent pastor. They had refused to believe that their famous brother in Christ could have been guilty of such an act as rape when he denied it. But after this man’s refusal to take a polygraph test in the witness of two pastors, last week, Ling went forward and took that polygraph test herself that proves her testimony is true. She also recently heard about some additional allegations of rape of one and maybe two women made against this same Chinese pastor.

Today, my wife has once again decided to bravely step into the public arena in an act of love, justice and mercy knowing she may face even more opposition than she has endured over the last three years. She did it 25 years ago in Tiananmen Square leading a hunger strike for freedom and democracy for which she received two Nobel Peace Prize nominations. She did it again when she published her memories A Heart for Freedom. She shared about her own painful abortions in love to bring light to this sensitive area that traumatizes women and babies. She founded All Girls Allowed---in Jesus’ name simply love her, to help women, to rescue baby girls and to stand up against the brutal One Child Policy and against male gender preference. In the past 4 years, God has rescued thousands of girls and mothers through this ministry and the brave men and women who work, pray and financially support this ministry. Now she steps out again to tell the truth about rape and sexual assault so other women and girls may find the courage to tell their stories too.

No matter who committed the crime, from a President to a priest to a commanding officer to a student in your dorm, women can hear the voice of Jesus, the good shepherd who laid down his life for his sheep, saying “be not afraid for I am with you even to the end of the age” as they press forward into the light. Only by going public can the small percentage of mostly men be confronted and stopped. And only if they are stopped and truly repent can they hope for life eternal in the kingdom of God. So it is an act of great love and courage to call these men to turn from their path to destruction and be redeemed before it is too late for them and their victims. When we speak out, then we know that the angel-faced young woman in my Bible study many years ago and others like her did not suffer or die in vain. Unto thee Lord we commend our spirits as we move forth in truth, in love and in confidence.

Now Ling needs your prayer, support and fellowship. No women, no child, no one should ever have to walk this journey alone. Will you stand with us and give us your hand?

Have a very blessed Thanksgiving!










与人和好 马太福音 18:15-17

和好 有幾個重要的因素:

1. 雙方都是基督徒,都願意接受聖經輔導會比較容易和好。因為只有基督徒才會承認自己是罪人,都會接受耶穌基督在十字架上的愛和救贖,比較能夠接受聖經的教導。我相信佛教和伊斯蘭教都沒有講饒恕及和好。

2. 犯罪的一方肯認罪,肯負責任。並且願意尋求受害人的饒恕。從 As we forgive 那套電影中,我發現罪犯雖然從監獄中被釋放,但是,他們仍然被囚禁在自己的良心監獄裡面,不能面對受害人,甚至逃避受害人。

3. 受損害的一方肯饒恕,接受賠償和慢慢與罪犯接觸,最後達致和好。

4. 在這個和好的過程中,要有中間人介入為雙方做輔導或勸導。


馬太福音18:15 一開始就提出一個假設的情況, “假使你的弟兄得罪你”。這裡的 “弟兄” 不是指有血緣的兄弟,而是指在主裡的弟兄。 “得罪” 是犯罪的意思,而不是普通 “冒犯”的意思。我們有時講說話,不經意會說了一些 別人不喜歡聽的言語,那就會冒犯了別人。不過,那只是小意思。但是,假如有人造謠,那就不只是講了一些 ‘不中聽’ 的說話,而是犯罪。在這種情形下,華人一般的處理方法可能會是,在其他朋友面前 罵那個造遙的人,為自己求清白。如果那是一個嚴重的謠言,還可能會採取法律行動。

但是,主耶穌的教導是說,第一步要採取的行動是約他單獨會面,言後坦白的 “指出他的錯誤”,英文叫做 “confrontation”,一般中文譯做 “當面對質”。華人很多時會覺得, “不好意思” 的。如果被得罪的人可以從心裡饒恕人,又覺得 不好意思去跟人家對質,讓事件不了了之,也無不可。只不過,被得罪的人一定要做到真正饒恕,就是我在 “饒恕” 那篇文章提到的:

1. 不翻舊賬;2. 不跟其他與事件無關的人 提弟兄的罪; 3. 自己也不再蓄意回想那些事。


1. 如果對方肯賠罪,怎麼辦?

2. 如果對方不肯賠罪,怎麼辦?

如果對方肯賠罪,今日的經文沒有明確教我們怎麼辦,不過,15節最後那一句說, “你便贏得你的弟兄”。因此,我們的目的應該是為了贏得你的弟兄,而不是只顧解決自己心中的忿怒。怎樣才可以贏得你的弟兄呢?我認為你要為對方預備一個 “下台階”,不要過份令對方 丟臉。簡單的,可以對弟兄說:「你既然道歉,我接受你的道歉。我不會放在心上,請你也不要放在心上,我們仍然是主裡面的好弟兄,以後還要一同努力在教會事奉,榮耀上帝。」如果對方有事需要幫忙,最好就主動提出要幫忙他,這樣做就能夠保持 “弟兄” 的和好關係。

如果對方不肯賠罪,怎麼辦?那麼,我們就要為 主耶穌所教的第二步作好準備。在16節說:「假使他不聽,你就約請其他一兩個人一起去;這樣,每一句指責的話都有兩三個人可以作證。」



1. 他願意,那就好辦。那你就可以安排大家方便的日期地點,再約1-2位知情的弟兄一同去參加。如果沒有其他人知情,可以請一兩位熟識聖經,平時你覺得他都是盡力實踐聖經的弟兄 一同去參加第二次的對質。但是,

2. 他可以說,我不想為這件事浪費時間,你有你的看法,我有我的看法。我不覺得有錯,也不想再為這件事再會面。假如他是這樣回答,你就可以跳到主耶穌所教的第三步,不過你還是要告訴他。第三步就是在17節, 「把這件事的始末向教會報告。」


我們要思想第三步的做法,就是 “把這件事的始末向教會報告。” 我相信是否要向全教會報告,也要看事情的本質決定。或者,最好是先找牧師商量一下才決定。有些事情是要向全教會報告的,例如有一間西人的聖公會發生過一宗事件:有位男士喜歡騷擾年輕姊妹,那的確是很辣手的問題。

好,讓我們思想最後一步。也是在17節, “他對教會也不聽從的話,你就把他當作外人或稅棍看待好了。」




首先,饒恕是單方面可以做到的事,就是被得罪的一方應該按著聖經的教導饒恕那犯罪者。但是,我們心裡饒恕之後 不必告訴他。另一方面,饒恕罪人不等於是說不讓他承擔後果,就像上帝饒恕了大衛王,可他還是要接受懲罰的。既然有一位弟兄不按聖經的教導,去尋求與其他弟兄有和睦的關係,也不聽從教會,我們只好讓他承擔後果,將他當作外邦人看待,不與他來往。這是逼不得已的做法,因為饒恕是單方面可以做的,和好 則一定要兩方面都願意才有可能。


讓我總結一下和好的程序,先從單獨與犯罪的弟兄對質,循序漸進,最後是讓整個教會知情。假如那位犯罪者不肯悔改,那麼,我們只好把他當做外邦人看待。求主幫助我們,在教會中實行 “親切仁慈相對待,彼此饒恕”,以致我們能彼此相愛,榮神益人。








我一直只是海外文轩默默无语的读者(现居加拿大)。但是今天我觉得必须吼几声。如果柴玲的告白被证明是事实,这将是一起严重的对妇女的性暴力。这种行为应当受到社会的关注和法律的制裁。对妇女性骚扰和性暴力是一个很普遍的社会问题,无论是在政府机关,私人企业,高等院校,或军队警察局等等, 尽管很多情况下受害者都选择沉默。


几个月前加拿大广播电台 CBC 著名节目主持人Jian Ghomeshi 对多名女性的性骚扰和性暴力曝光事件引起极大震动。向那些勇敢地站出来的性暴力妇女受害者致敬!尽管法律上也许要经过很长的时间才能对当事人控罪或甚至因为时间太久证据不足而无法控罪,但这决不是诽谤。前几天刚曝光的加拿大Dalhouse University的牙医专业的多名男生在Facebook 上对同专业的女生的性语言攻击不但震动了当事大学,也引起了一系列的连环反应。诸如此类的很多事件都说明了一个事实:对妇女的性骚扰和性暴力是真实和普遍存在的社会问题。

1. 对于柴玲的这个事件,无论你对她个人的印象如何,应就事论事。如果被证实,这将是一起严重的侵犯妇女的性暴力事件。

2. 如果在这个事件还没有被调查清楚之前就武断地认为柴玲的告白是诽谤,这本身就是一种对受害人的诽谤。

3. 我们生活在一个法制的社会,法律面前人人平等,无论你的官职地位,种族肤色,也无论你是那门教徒。Nobody is above the law. 无论是谁触犯了法律,那就应该由法律来裁决,而不是由神来裁决。


说得好。最近美国的性暴力丑闻,Bill Cosby,也是震动社会!





这个报道我今天也看见了,不明白为什么柴玲二十年只字不提被强奸的事情, 现在

突然提起了呢? 而且她明确地说是远志明。柴玲当初让别人死守天安门, 自己却

跑了。 后来她在美国抱狗穿红衣出席纪念活动, 还好几次公开说谎,都引起人们

很大的反感。这里且不说柴玲的人品问题, 这与强奸罪是否存在无关。柴玲完全可以

走正常的法律途径,向法院控告远志明, 为什么要先造舆论,写公开信呢? 而且,




没有亲历过六四,特别是六四当晚血与火的考验,是体会不到被双方欺骗,被双方抛弃的那种痛沏心扉的感觉的. 后来只剩下哥儿几个在校园里弹着吉它,哭唱齐秦的歌:昨天的太阳,走了,我有一种被欺骗之后的疲惫---. anyway,在美国不论哪行哪业,最重要的是“诚信”二字. 中国有“烽火戏诸侯”以及“狼来啦”的警示,美国则有“fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" 的名言. 











建议远志明千万不要私下和解, 一定要和柴玲在法庭上见。 结果不过是以下: 1。

确实是强奸,是个男子汉就认罪,接受惩罚,该坐牢坐牢。 2。没有强奸, 


婚,但柴玲当年是已婚身份,如果是那样的话柴玲方的过错还多一些。3。 柴玲

诬告,这种情况下远志明可以向法庭反告柴玲诬陷罪。 如果是私下和解, 那就永










微反应研究小组 发表于  2011-10-02 15:00


公安部物证鉴定中心对测谎仪的解释为“对谎言的鉴别活动”。准确地讲,“测谎”不是测“谎言”本身,而是测心理所受刺激引起的生理参量的变化。所以,“测谎仪”应科学而准确地叫做 “多参量心理测试仪”。




  • 如果被测试人自己真的认为没有做过(比如完全不记得了),那么就不会出现生理指征的异常变化,仪器再敏感也捕捉不到。
  • 即使数据有异动,也只能逆向推导为被测试人在回答这个问题的时候,身体因为某些原因发生了异常的生理指征变化,除了说谎之外,还可能是因为紧张(害怕被冤枉)、厌恶(不想戴着仪器做测试或者被怀疑)、愤怒(被怀疑)等等,甚至连测试过程中突然的噪音、画面等意外刺激,都会导致仪器所记录的数据产生异动。所以,数据异动不能直接确定为说谎。
  • 如果被测试人经过训练,了解测谎仪的功能和原理,就可能在头脑中用思维可以构造出一个虚拟的场景并让自己信以为真,这种情况下理论上是可能做到与第一条类似的效果。就算不能让自己伪装成100%的假象,也可以通过一些小动作轻松故意的造成数据异动,从而破坏正常的数据记录。





  1. 相关-无关测试(Relevant-Irrelevant Tests)


  1. 对照问题测试(Control Question Tests)


  1. 罪知感问题测试(Concealed Information Tests(CIT)或Guilty Knowledge Tests(GKT))


  1. 紧张高点法(Peak-of-Tension Tests)




  • 没做过说没做过,是很容易通过测试的;
  • 做过说没做过,普通人很难掩饰和控制住身体的生理指征微小变化,会被敏感的仪器捕捉到,即使外表没有任何变化;
  • 没有做过说做过,生理指征的变化也会被敏感的捕捉到。



问:“你叫什么名字?” 答:“我叫xxx(真名)。”【做一下某种小动作】







是的,柴玲曾是轰动一时的学运领袖,曾有一段令人争议的历史。你可以鄙视她,贬低她,将她的人品视为牛粪,那都是你的个人情结。但是现在讨论的问题是一个男人在没有征得对方同意的前提下发生性行为(nonconsensual  sex)。如果在这种情况下仍然大肆宣扬与讨论事件无关的个人情结, 这只能说明还没有走出个人的狭隘, 也让人怀疑当时参与学运的真正动机。

发生在社会各界的对女性的性虐待和性暴力的统计是让人震惊的。去年年底加拿大国会两名自由党议员因两名新民主党女性议员举报性侵犯而被停职。 加拿大Nova  Scotia 15岁的高中生Rehtaeh Parsons 在一次party 上酒醉后被同学轮奸,不雅照在同学中传播不但没有得到同情反被人耻笑辱骂,家长向学校和警察反映无果,Rehtaeh Parsons 终于在201317岁时选择了自杀。一个年轻美丽的女孩惨死在这种 rape culture ,这是多么惨重的代价? 这个及其轰动的事件引起了一系列立法的改变。

加拿大CBC 著名主持人Jian Ghomeshi 的性暴力事件受害人中有的是其同事或在CBC 的见习生。尽管她们曾向其上级反映,但并未被重视或立案调查,甚至相信Jian Ghomeshi 的一面之词即性行为是在双方同意的情况下发生的。在受害人提供了物证后CBC 不得不将Jian Ghomeshi 辞退。但某些高管仍然试图掩盖真相以推脱责任。新年伊始两名Jian Ghomeshi CBC 高管被停职。社会需要正义,对女性的性虐待和性暴力是不能被社会容忍的。随着 陆续有受害人公开站出来指责Jian Ghomeshi 对她们的性暴力,Jian Ghomeshi 的事件当时媒体闹的很沸腾,但未有一人向警察正式提出立案。在多伦多警方的多次鼓励下,受害人才有勇气向多伦多警方正式报案。一个遭受过性侵犯的女人需要多大的勇气站出来公开自己受性侵的过去,需要更大的勇气向警方正式报警立案因为那样意味着她们不但将在法庭上重新揭开过去的伤疤还要接受对方律师的百般刁难和审查。随着这个事件的曝光,有更多的女性选择向警察报案她们被Jian Ghomeshi 性侵的过去,所以今天Jian Ghomeshi 第二次上法庭,又有3项新的性侵控罪。柴玲选择公开被牧师性侵的经历也是在多次向上反映无果才做出的行动。无论它发生在远志明受洗礼前或后并不重要,重要的是它发生了。那些当时袒护远志明的牧师们应该对他们当时的决定做出解释,否则他们无颜继续他们的布教,他们本身的 ethics integrity 将受到质疑。




" 文轩的多数会员是女性。对女性的性虐待和性暴力是社会的悲哀,而女性本身对性虐待和性暴力这种社会现象的麻木不仁和容忍是更大的悲哀。" 



如果远志明确实犯了强奸罪, 那么必须要接受法律惩罚。同样, 如果柴玲是诬陷,那么她也应该接受惩罚。


一定要偏袒女性吗? 我们应该站在公正的立场上,不偏不倚,按照事实真相看问题。 

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