My Journey Last Year


飞鹰队长注: Jackie 是我见过的最为谦卑,睿智,慷慨的人。她是MIT博士,两个孩子都非常优秀,关键是两个孩子都不浮躁,而且懂得享受生活。Jackie是“不造就人的话, 一句也不出口。”的典范。从下面的分享可以看出,她总是不遗余力地夸赞周围的人。Jackie经常开放家庭,服务社区。去年,我们飞鹰队三八节就是在她家 聚会。年底的聚会,她也提出可以去她家,让我感动至极。为自己有这样的好朋友满了感恩。她一直都是我学习的榜样,和有问题时的Go To Person。
Jackie回应: 你的表扬让我无地自容。年底底检讨是缺乏自律,缺乏坚持,缺乏耐心......  
感谢上帝,在我的周围有这么美好的姐妹,做我的榜样,做我的镜子;鼓励,传授经验;分享,帮我开阔眼界,增加信心。There are amazing transforming energies here in the group!
我 想加几句。我们家,除了我之外,都有好的运动习惯去。先生每天早晨跑 2 to 3 miles.  周末都至少一场golf.  儿子在大学是soccer club 队员,每周训练加比赛四次,他还练举重。女儿女婿都跑马拉松,去年女儿六个小时完成了半个三项铁人,女婿11个小时全个三项铁人。
因为运动,他们都精神饱满,工作有效率,生活也有情趣。我以前通过多睡觉补充精力不够,可这两年发现不锻炼,睡觉弥补不了muscle strength decline带来的种种问题,像肩背痛,和精力,体力的不足。
飞 鹰队帮助我看到了可能,并受到鼓励,开始尝试这种可能,感谢姐妹们的影响和支持,没有放弃。有了进步,并开始更高一点的目标。对我儿子而言,锻炼对他有最 直接的feed back.  他曾鼓励我说,Mom, if you set goal, work on it, and you will reach it very soon.  I asked him where he got that idea inside him.  He replied that he wants to build muscle and not to be perceived as Asian nerd, so he worked on weight training.  " if I set goals for myself, work on it, I can reach it in a reasonable amount of time.  Then I ask myself to do a bit more". 这些道理我都懂,可锻炼上,因为没信心,一直没有commit.  感谢Shirley和飞鹰队把我心中微弱的小火挑亮,帮我迈出了人生半百阶段最重要的一步。
今年我希望自己能调整生活的重心,refocus on a few important areas.  其中一个, 对参与飞鹰的锻炼和读书交流。多一些自律,早睡觉,多锻炼;少上网,多读书。
再一次感谢!真是太幸运有Shirley 带领,有飞鹰队的姐妹们同行!
Jackie's My Journey Last Year:
First, I like to sincerely thank you and sisters in Soaring Eagle group for your inspiration, encouragement and role modeling. Last year, was the year, that I saw so many of you with amazing achievements.  It is also the year that I started to change myself.
For many years, I was totally undisciplined in exercise. Never pushed myself, and was off and on in exercise. Last year,  I committed to exercise with the group and planned to walk 10 miles a week. I also liked to lose 10 lbs of weight, who was considered a wishful thinking for the past years, and I never took any action.
With you as role model and great peer influence from sisters in our group, I started to pay attention to my diet, and take a mental notes about what I ate, and cut down significantly my snacking.  Your transformation encouraged me greatly.  Helen is also so inspiring.  I began to believe that it is possible for me to really lose the extra pounds for better health. I never starved myself and it took about a year for me to lose 8 lbs, something truly surpassed by expectation. I feel better, fitting, after shedding these extra pounds.  
Through the year, I also mostly kept my promise of walking 10 miles a week.  It is not a grand goal, but an achievable goal and help me to be mindful about my goal and my health.  Walking regularly gradually changed me, I get firmer muscle in my legs, and walking with Teddy is always an enjoyable time.  
Since I did not have any major transformation, my story is a bit boring.  But, last year was such an important turning point for me, to start with a small commitment, mostly kept it, and results of losing 8 lbs, and better overall health. All these are so encouraging.  I am extremely thankful for your awesome example, great leadership, and Soaring Eagle's spirit.  The most important reward for me is that I begin to believe that my efforts in changing and continuing exercise will make a difference, and I can have a fitter body, and better health with discipline and committed mind.
I plan to do more exercise in addition to 10 miles walk, strength, flexibility, Zumba......I also love to get more engaged with the group, and read more.
Thank you and our group again!  x also hope to participate more of group activities, and get inspired and try to start running, and maybe run for 1K this year.  I was never a runner before.  Any distance will be an infinite progress.